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Shelby Hume

Shelby Humes

Shelby loved horses from her very first breath and started her education through 4-H while growing up in Minnesota. This gave her experience with many classes like showmanship & horsemanship, equitation and many time events and they all helped develop her into a well-rounded equestrian with a positive outlook as she easily found the benefit & fun of each class. Shelby was later introduced to reining and went on to compete in the Open and Ladies divisions. She even went through the rigorous process of becoming a NRHA judge. At this time, she was also teaching the equine program and coaching the intercollegiate team at a college in Kentucky.

Shelby was always drawn to dressage With her extensive background in training and showing experience did not match what she envisioned for a happy athlete. Shelby was still not satisfied and was feeling like she wasn’t living her dream with horses. She was always drawn to dressage and travelled to Portugal to study this sport. Shelby and her husband imported a magnificent Lusitano stallion that challenged Shelby to re-evaluate how she viewed horsemanship. Shelby was introduced to Parelli and began to dabble with the concepts of Natural Horsemanship where she had the opportunity to work with a variety of natural horsemen. This process lead her to Karen Rohlf of Dressage, Naturally who helped Shelby find her “true north” and a way to pursue her interpretation of what a “Happy Athlete” was all about. 

Shelby is a proud Dressage, Naturally certified instructor and is both honoured and humbled that Karen has provided her with the opportunity to share the program with you! Her life experiences have been varied and challenging but they have prepared her to ask many questions. This has allowed her to develop and understand why we “do” dressage (ie: good horsemanship) and why it is good for every horse and rider, no matter their discipline. 

Now, Shelby and her husband, David currently resides on Excelsior Farms in Midway, Kentucky. Not only is Shelby committed to further developing herself and her horses to their fullest potential, she is also excited to share her passion & knowledge with others so they can achieve their dream with horses. 

Hume Horsemanship


Shelby is blessed with incredible mentors that have resulted in her amalgam and a development of a style and way of being with both her horses and her students.

Her program and style of teaching has by no means seen its final revision; as she is constantly seeking self-improvement and refinement in who she want to be as a person, for her horses and with her students.   This is especially helpful as Shelby can easily relate and sympathize with how difficult it is to be a student of horsemanship.   There can be a lot of stress associated with putting ourselves in a position to receive assistance while taking care of the relationship with our horse and our teacher.  Shelby strives to foster a fun and safe environment that challenges each student in ways that allow them to achieve their personal goals.

Services Offered

  • Group & Private Lessons
  • Clinics - will travel in the United States
  • Workshops (mounted and unmounted)
  • Multi-day Intensives
  • Support for Habits For Excellent Horsemanship courses in Dressage, Naturally (DN) Virtual Arena
  • Support for Sweet Spot course in DN Virtual Arena
  • Support for Upward Spiral of Success
  • Video Coaching inside the DN Virtual ArenaNatural Horsemanship, Annually
  • Finding the Sweet Spot - Level 

Shelby is also currently the only instructor in the United States endorsed to teach the “Dressage Naturally Finding the Sweet Spot” Clinics created by Karen Rohlf of Dressage Naturally.  

Follow this link to learn more about these clinics and Dressage ,Naturally.

Other areas of experience:

  • Studied dressage in Portugal from a graduate of Cadre Noir
  • A passion for the Lusitano horse and in-hand work
  • Competed in reining (Open and Ladies divisions)
  • NRHA judge
  • Coached Intercollegiate Equestrian Team
  • Tae Kwon Do (2nd degree senior blackbelt for life)
  • Previously competed in Working Equitation