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Shelby Hume

Shelby Hume

I am looking forward to sharing thoughts, resources, inspiration and my time in

helping others with their horses and this website is just another way to help me do that!”

I have been, and continue to be blessed with incredible mentors that have resulted in my amalgam and a development of a style and way of being with my horses and for my students.

This “way” has by no means seen its final revision; as I am constantly seeking self-improvement and refinement in who I want to be as a person, for my horses and with my students.   This is also so helpful in the respect that I can constantly relate to and sympathize with how difficult it is to be a student of horsemanship.   There can be a lot of stress associated with putting ourselves in the position to receive assistance while taking care of the relationship with our horse and our teacher.  I strive to foster a fun and safe environment that challenges each student in ways that allow them to achieve their personal goals.

–Shelby Hume