Centered Riding through Natural Horsemanship - all disciplines

Centered Riding through Natural Horsemanship – all disciplines

Hume Horsemanship is located in the central Bluegrass Region of Kentucky. Shelby travels throughout the region to help people with their horsemanship.

Shelby is also currently the only instructor in the United States endorsed to teach the “Dressage Naturally Finding the Sweet Spot” Clinics created by Karen Rohlf of Dressage Naturally.  Please follow this link to learn more about these clinics and Dressage Naturally (“D,N”).

Virtual Arena

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 5.07.37 PMDressage Naturally’s (D,N) Karen Rohlf has added a brand new online experience called “D,N Virtual Arena” where Shelby is one of four coaches available to help you with your horsemanship journey no matter where it’s taking place! Find more details here.

Click on these images to learn more about each of these topics:DNpatch_Coach_SweetDNpatch_Coach_Upward


Private lessons are a popular choice for individuals with a desire to further their horsemanship.  Shelby will travel to or allow students to haul in to her Excelsior Farm in Midway, KY  for assistance.

These lessons allow plenty of space for the very individual needs and goals of each horse and rider to be addressed and fostered.  Although previous experience may find some of you thinking that private lessons will be full of scrutiny and excessive pressure this is definitely not the case with Shelby.  The feedback from her students emphasizes how much they enjoy the ability to speak confidentially with regards to their own goals and challenges. The also remark favorably on Shelby’s attention to helping them create clear paths with their equine companions towards accomplishing those goals and needs.


Monday Afternoons – Haul In to Excelsior Farm

Load up your horse and come see Shelby in her ample arena (half covered) in Midway. Lessons available from 1 – 5pm in one hour increments for just $40/hr. Please schedule your session at least one week in advance.


Occasionally Shelby will offer one or two day clinics that work towards improving good horsemanship in a group atmosphere.  These are opportunities to share in learning with other like-minded students, with multiple horses in our midst (something we don’t always have the opportunity to ride with others) and using exercises that take advantage of a group.

These are listed on the Calendar link above as they are scheduled.

Shelby has often heard of friends who have met at clinics getting together in the future to ride at area facilities or trails and using each other as “study buddies” for their horsemanship journey.

These clinics do not cover the principles of Natural Dressage and any student interested in learning those principles should reference the “Sweet Spot” clinics that Shelby Teaches for Karen Rohlf of Dressage Naturally.

Below is footage from a typical day clinic. This one in the summer of 2013 at Grasslands II Arena in Georgetown, KY.

What do I need to bring to a Clinic or Lesson?

Shelby does not require any specific type or style of equipment.  However, your equipment must be safe and fit you and your horse well.  Often times students may choose to change their type of equipment as their picture of their horsemanship goals evolve and change.  Shelby is known for allowing students to try pieces of equipment from her extensive inventory so that they do not have to purchase equipment they later find will not work for their goals.

Who will Shelby teach?

Anyone with desire and that likes the type of horsemanship Shelby is working towards.

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